5 Best Novel By Munshi Premchandra( मुंशी प्रेम चंद की कहानिया)

“Premchand” is one of the most notable writers of the Indian Literature History. Dhanpat Rai better known as “Munshi Premchand: was born in Lamhi, a small village in Varanasi district, on July 31, 1880. Premchand had given some of the finest novels to Indian literature and more than 300 small stories and essays in addition. Let’s come with us on the journey of Premchand’s TOP 5 Novels in Hindi Literature History.

GABAN ( गबन )

GODAAN ( गोदान )

KAFAN ( कफ़न )

 BADE GHAR KI BETI ( बड़े घर की बेटी )

SEVASADAN ( सेवासदन )

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