The world environment is going too much worst condition day by day as we use our natural recourses indiscriminately and fail to manage our waste. Our total environmental condition deteriorate in everyday life but we yet not concern ourselves for save us from different types of natural calamities and extinction of several types of animals spaces groups, it is true that only human are responsible for polluting environmenrt, but if we have a little bit concern than it will make us positive thinker to save our environment.

Population explosion:

The first and foremost emerging problem in the world is population explosion that directly impact in our environment and every vital element of our environment such like water Tree,air,and many other things . It causes poverty inflation of money, high price rate of daily commodities and creates thousands of problems which are too hard to solve us. On the other hand for being increased population growth we destroy our valuable natural resources and make a devastated impact for ourselves.

Increase of CFC”s in air:

For the lacking of Trees and forest area CFC’S are increasing day by day for this reasons worlds temperature are increasing which directly impact to melt polar ice caps and rise of sea levels which causes undergoing our firm land into the water that directly impact a negative effect on our environment .

It is true that by running or establishing an atomic project which causes huge carbon dioxide gas in our environment though it’s a beneficiary side to create huge amount of energy but it has hundreds of harmful sides yet people of the rich country run these projects rather to stop the project as a result we can easily notice the intensiveness of natural calamities at present year comparing the past year.

Waste in everywhere:

Today it’s a normal matter to through our daily waste everywhere these waste melt and pollute our environment gradually and spread out jams for this reasons our local people get sick easily. Open waste pollute our environment as well as our surroundings but everyone know about the bad effect of waste but do not take immediate steps to save their living area .

At present the real situation are so dangerous that we hardly think because not only our land area but also our vast sea level area are polluted extremely, for this reasons our sea water get polluted and produce huge amount of toxic chemicals and that chemical fall a harmful effect in our sea living species . The industrial waste mismanagement is the main responsible for this huge area pollution. If we can manage our industrial waste than we can save our sea level area as well our environment as we know sea is the big source of human food so it s a necessary duty to save our see as much as possible.

Immense industrial growth:

As people are increasing rapidly and for that people need work and for this reason, immense industry grow everywhere rather to think environment save .Though industry plays an important rule to rapidly grow our economy but excessive industry set up run a negative impact on our environment. A proper management of industrial growth can bring us a better output in our economy and our environment.

Every government should impose a law so that industrial waste cannot get mixed in our river, cannel, and see water as water is a valuable element in our environment, on the other hand, the chemical products industry should not allow near the riverside area to save our environment.

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