Healthy Habits to keep you fit WITHOUT GYM

Healthy Habits to keep you fit WITHOUT GYM. When it comes to our body, each and everyone of us wants to stay healthy and fit always. But 70% of us can’t give the time required to our fitness even when it’s above all the priorities. For some people the excuses are that they do not have the time to go out and hit the gym or that they can’t afford those high prices.

So Today here we will be talking about some affordable (even free) Healthy Habits that you can include in your daily life in order to keep yourself healthy and free healthy and fit. Here we will not be talking about GYM, Swimming or anything that would put any kind of load on your pocket. Here we will talk about activities that you can perform in your(or outside) without the help of any instructor or any fancy equipment. So let’s begin.


No Gym is Needed For Yoga

It is an essential part of Indian culture for over thousands of years. And the methods practiced in yoga are scientifically proven to keep you fit. While yoga provides physical fitness, it also helps to keep the mind calm. So, that our actions and our thoughts can work accordingly. Yoga includes stretching exercises, essential for any fitness routine (even for gym goers). Besides stretching, yoga includes breathing practices that keeps the respiratory system as well as the heart, healthy and clean. The biggest positive point of yoga is that it can be performed by anyone. No matter what age anyone can do it.


No Gym is needed for Running

Well there is no need to tell that running is one of the best full body exercises that can be performed without any kind of equipment. It keeps your cardiac system up and healthy and is one of the best exercises to burn calories in order to lose some extra amount of fat from the body. After all that’s is the reason for why it has been an essential part of military training for years.


Healthy Habits walking needs no gym

Yes you read it right. Walking will always be a better option than just staying at one place and doing nothing. At least better than scrolling your news feed on social media whole day.

Martial arts

Martial arts (the above one is Muay Thai) can help you in getting fit along with some self defense skills, the muscle-mass you will achieve will be a bonus 🙂

There is no doubt that martial arts are one of the best practices when it comes to keep you fit. It is also good for the people who want to put a little muscle mass on their body as martial arts can easily get you that. You can take the example of movie stars like Jackie Chan, Michael J. White, Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa and Vidyut Jamwal (India). Along with fitness martial arts brings discipline in the life of its practitioners. There are many martial art forms that can be practiced, you can choose any of them as Muay Thai and Boxing are my favorite.


Healthy Habits calisthenics needs No Gym
No Gym is needed for Calisthenics

We have been doing it for years at schools or at our parks its nothing but free body-weight exercises. You Push-ups, pull ups are the most basic exercises that you can perform anywhere. Today We see these calisthenics guys doing so many crazy things on the Internet. And in place of being motivated we end up being more depressed and hopeless. There is no need for you to do a back flip on a single leg (it will give you nothing but a broken neck someday). The motive here is to keep yourself healthy without breaking your own bones. For those who have a passion for it, I would definitely say that you can do it. But here I would like to tell that not everyone out there want’s to be the next Jackie Chan.

At last, I just want to point out that an hour is just 4% of you whole day. Can’t you even give 2% of your day to your body??? Your body have the right to stay fit and healthy. All you need is to add one of these Healthy Habits to your lifestyle.

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