How I fell in love with Delhi

There’s something fascinating about New Delhi; so much so that once you get the feel of it, you never want to let go.

I have had a pretty amazing relationship with Delhi. Apart from my family’s association with the city, I have always found Delhi to be something more than just a piece of land. It goes way beyond that, and not everyone can understand it. Delhi has been like a summer place, a sanctuary for me. The association, which started in 1991, has only grown stronger and deeper over the years.

While nostalgia rushed over me during my trip last year, it was also a sort of homecoming for me. Once you get a taste of Delhi, you can never stop loving it. There were a lot of wonderful things I experienced during my trip, out of which the following 10 were my most favourite.

1. The local language

As soon as I arrived in Delhi, the city cast a spell on me. The way the locals conversed with each other fascinated me, even when they swore at each other they sounded polite! One day, while passing through the Jama Masjid area in Old Delhi, the rickshaw got stuck in a traffic jam. As usual, abuses were hurled around on those who were causing the jam.

Phrases  heard in that typical ‘kaarkhaana’ (workshop) Urdu accent. But, to my surprise, nothing happened. No one got offended, no one decided to leave their car and manhandle the abuser, nothing! It was an amazing sight to witness.

2. The street food

Papri chaat, chicken momos, bhel puri, gol gappay, samosas and a gazillion other delicacies – Delhi is a food lover’s paradise!

4. Sunday book bazaar

Whilst strolling through the Sunday book bazaar at Daryaganj, I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven! Books, books and books – everywhere. This was my first visit to this bazaar and I just couldn’t stop buying more and more books! After what seemed like my 100th book, I stopped myself. I had to make an effort to leave the bazaar – otherwise I would have gone broke. A must visit for everyone!

5. The Delhi metro

One of the best things about Delhi is its underground metro system. The moment you descend to a metro station, the whole world changes. It’s as if a whole subterranean city thrives under the surface of Delhi. The network is brilliant, the service is amazing and the experience is satisfying! But yes, if it’s rush hour, then there will be a lot of people… and I mean a lot!

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