Jaisalmer – A backpacking trip to the Golden City of India(2 days – INR 2800)

Have you had enough of visiting the beaches? Or are you too tired to trek somewhere in the mountains or the jungles? Are you looking for some different terrain? What about planning a holiday to one of the desert city of India?

Waves of ripples in a vast expanse of sand dunes, the breeze containing the sand, the stunning sunsets and the sunrises, the coldness in the atmosphere, the countless stars, the sounds of hidden creatures and most importantly the peace in the surroundings. Oh yes, its “Jaisalmer”.

Lying at the heart of the Thar Desert and known as “The Golden City”, Jaisalmer stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone and is crowned by the “Jaisalmer Fort”. Jaisalmer is unarguably one of the best travel destinations in India. Make a trip to the desert city of India and you will be left stunned by the beauty of it.

How to get around Jaisalmer
Spots of tourist interest are distributed all over Jaisalmer and one has to be wise in choosing the mode of transport. Places like Bara Baag, Sam Sand Dunes, Khaba Fort, Lodurva, Kuldhara, and Amar Sagar are far from the town and one would need their own transport to explore all these. What I would suggest to you is to hire a bike for a day to explore the above places. Rest of the places are in the town and can be explored on foot.

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