People Hail IAS Officer Who Walks 10 KM Every Week To Buy Veggies To Reduce His Carbon Footprint

How many times a day do we second guess hailing a cab or an rickshaw to make our way to our menial chores? Almost never, it’s just instinct to hop into an auto. Well, an IAS officer in Meghalaya has proven that you can make a difference by simply walking the distance and making conscious choices.

Ram Singh, a 2008 batch IAS officer of the Assam-Meghalaya cadre, decided to ditch the vehicle and walk 10 km to buy locally grown vegetables that weighed 21 kg! He has been serving as the deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills since 2017 and shared a picture of his routine on Instagram

On most days, Ram Singh doesn’t do this alone, he is accompanied by his wife who carries their toddler on her shoulder and they make the world a better place, one step at a time. This isn’t the first initiative Ram has taken as a deputy commissioner. He previously helped the villagers plant different varieties of trees in a bid to fight deforestation and even helped renovate government secondary schools in the district by providing them with low-powered harvesting systems and solar-powered classrooms. Truly making a change!

The Internet Is All Praises For Ram Singh & His Initiative To Say No To Plastic & Pollution

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