Pre-requisites instigating to Diabetes Mellitus and the transforming age demography

Diabetes Mellitus, is a metabolic disorder arising due to metabolic aberrations of insulin and its receptors.
On the severity and insulin insufficiency we observe two types of case scenarios: Type 1 and Type 2. In this modern world where we live to survive another day, there is an increase incidence of this condition.Preconditioning to this ailment is attributed to confluence of both genetic and external agents.
The most affected population in our developing country, is working age group of 15 -59 which is seen to be most susceptible.
Diabetes mellitus; A non-communicable disorder which arises due to
insulin insufficiency and leads to an increased concentration of glucose
in the blood.
This augmented glucose level is chief etiological agent for various
diseases that follow up and leads to deterioration of the person’s
health status. Condition prevailing along with diabetes mellitus like
chronic kidney disease, Diabetic nephropathy, Diabetic neuropathy,
Diabetic retinopathy and so on.
The point of worry lies where is it striking now more and Why?
Answer to this would be, the young population of 15-59 age group .

 Genetic Makeup: They are one of the most characteristic
predisposing conditions leading to this ailment.
 Type 1 : It is an auto-immune disorder arising due to destruction
of tissue by the body itself due to some immune system mediated
pathway reactions
 Type 2: It is more of hereditary disposing condition arising of gene
modification and alteration.
 MODY- Apart from that prevalence of MODY (mature onset
of diabetes of young) is another challenging condition which
is seen nowadays along with type 2.
It’s a condition which lies in between both the conditions,
characterized by early onset feature of type 1 and risk
features of type 2 are prevalent, it’s also known as type 1.5

 Environmental factors

This element has its role to play majorly as predisposing factor of type 2-diabetes mellitus. Obesity, dyslipidemia, augmented levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) tends to be the prime issue. The basic rationale that was set up ruledout that it is due to changes in lifestyle of people from healthy food to fast food, avoiding meals, and high insurgence of canned food prevalent in our society nowadays.
No one can be blamed as it is due to the fast, modern lifestyle and sluggish desk jobs and the rat race we are in, the urge to win is costing us our lives. The commodity at stake is our health which is deteriorating day by day.


This is an urgent issue that needs to be considered because of gravity of the situation and the epidemiology over which its spread. WHO, states that at this rate of progression of the disease, our country is going to surpass the global diabetics and be termed as the diabetic capital of the world.


The demographic shift has been more drastic then being subtle differential changes. The metamorphoses of the condition needs to be evaluated and requires re-molding to be done before the controversy turns from expectation to reality.

Many measures have been taken by the individuals at their level, by health professionals at their level and various agencies at their
respective niches. All the encounter led to the fact, that to bring about the change, a combined therapy of medications and life style
modification can bring out desired results.

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