When there is Nobody to tell you that “YOU CAN’T”

Story Background

When there is Nobody to tell you that “YOU CAN’T”. The Story comes from a seminar of Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari that I was lucky to watch sometime back on YouTube. The Story gives the best message in the simplest and most beautiful way possible.

The story is from a time when the technology was not so much developed as it is today. People used to live together sharing all the happiness as well as the pain, in a nutshell, we can say that the village was a family where people were there for each other no matter what condition. The time in which people were real, their emotions were real. Not like today where the feelings, emotions, and responsibilities of a person are conveyed through some yellow emojis on the Social Media.

The Story

Some time ago a 5-year-old kid “Ramu” used to live in the Indian Subcontinent with his family.

Everything was good but still, there were some issues (as there are always), Village had a shortage of water. So the people had to go to a well. Which was nearly one mile away from the village in order to fulfill their requirements of water.

The Day When There was No One To tell him that “YOU CAN’T”

So, one day Ramu and one of his friends “Ramesh” (who was 12) was playing near a well. Suddenly the older kid slipped and fell inside the well, poor kid unaware of what just happened with him, started to cry for help in order to save his life. He didn’t have any hope in Ramu as he was so young that he could barely move him a few inches up even if he tried his best.
The darkness of the deep well faded the kid’s voice and because of being tired and hopeless the kid started to become unconscious.

Suddenly from nowhere, he got the sound of somebody throwing the bucket inside the well. And yes it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Maybe there was somebody from the village who came there for water. But there was not much time to think about that so he sat on the bucket and his savior started to pull him up. At the moment the bucket reached the top of the well Ramesh jumped out of it and started crying.

At that time Ramu gave him his little hands and said: “stop crying dadda nothing has happened to you”. Ramesh stood up on his feet to thank his savior but there was not a single person around. He asked Ramu that where was the person who saved his life. Ramu told him “I don’t know about saving a life but I pulled you out of the well”

Nobody Around

Shocked with surprise Ramesh was looking at Ramu when Ramu said, “What’s the big deal in that, I just threw a tied bucket in the water and pulled it back as my mother always does.” Ramesh had no words to say. All he was thinking was just that how a 5-year-old kid could possess the strength of pulling a much much older boy from such a deep well.

When Ramesh told everybody about what happened at the well nobody believed him. Everyone was saying that “The task cannot be accomplished by the 5-year-old in any circumstances. And maybe both Ramesh and Ramu are lying.”

The conversation got heated up and the villagers went to the wittiest person in the village. He was an old man of nearly 80. People asked him whether the kids were lying. The old man said “I can’t tell you if the kids are lying or not because I wasn’t there. But the way they are telling the heroic task was done is definitely possible.”

There was Nobody around

tell the old man
The Old Man Tells.

“Now it was the time for the villagers to get shocked.
“How can it be possible?” asked one of the men.
The old man said “Ramesh told that there was no one around when he got out of the well”, the man nodded in yes.
“So, The 5 years old was there alone”, the man nodded again.
“So my friend, There was No One around to tell him that he couldn’t do what he did at the Well. Not even He Himself”.

The Conclusion:

Just like Ramu we also get these kinds of situations when people tell us that we can’t do something or can’t achieve something. At that time in place of being hopeless, we need to perform like there is no one around, no one to judge and no one to prove something to.
That’s when impossible becomes possible, that’s when a miracle happens, that’s when stories become legends.

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