World’s Top 5 Women Politicians who became inspiration for someone with their work, then example of courage for someone

The woman who has to fight for her every right and every dream is a woman. When she moves forward by fighting for her dreams, then along with her, she also brightens the name of family, neighborhood, city and country. Try to break no matter how much you break, and keep walking on the path of your dreams. Then she shines somewhere. Such are these women of the world, who have set an example by touching the sky of success.

The names of these women are enough to change the thinking of those who think that the women are at home to cook and make small accounts of the house.

1. Angela Merkel, Germany

2. Hillary Clinton, US

3. Dilma Rousseff, Brazil

4. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia

5. Sonia Gandhi, India

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